COVID-19 – We are Here to Help

The Coronavirus Pandemic continues to evolve quickly.  I want you to know that our leadership team is fully committed to the safety and well-being of our employees and their families, our clients and our customers.

We remain connected with authorities at all levels to ensure we have the most current guidance for preventing and reducing the spread of COVID-19.

We also know that this is a time of great uncertainty and stress for our employees.  Our executive is resolved to ensure that our employees are fully informed and equipped to benefit from every financial and emotional support program that is available to help them manage through this challenge.

I am confident that we will overcome this challenge together.


Juri Daniel

President – Dana Hospitality LP and Marek Hospitality Inc.



(This webpage provides a summary of the general guidance and resources available to us.  We will update this webpage as additional information becomes available.)

For Our Employees

We will get through this together. We know that COVID-19 is creating significant personal hardships, both for our dedicated hourly associates who continue to serve our clients and customers every day and for those of you who have been temporarily laid off as client cafes are closed in response to the pandemic.

Safety is the first priority for all of us.  In order to ensure food and workplace safety and maintain a safe environment to serve our clients and customers, we are doing the following:

• Reviewing and updating general safety procedures to ensure they reflect the most recent guidance from the Centers for Disease Control, World Health Organization, and Public Health Agency of Canada

• Enhancing sanitation and hygiene practices across all of our operations.

• Modifying cafe services to make sure we provide a safe environment.

• Enhancing our food and workplace safety practices within our operations to ensure we continue to provide confidence through our industry leading safety record.


We know that we need to support the well-being of our employees as well.

• During this difficult time, our Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) is available to all employees and their families. It provides helpful tools for managing anxiety and fears, including support to help you explain this complex situation to your children. Whether you have questions about handling stress at work and home, parenting and childcare, managing money, or health issues, you can turn to EFAP for a confidential service that you can trust. Please contact your manager for more information on how to access our EFAP.

• Ensuring that all full-time employees, including those who have been temporarily laid off, have uninterrupted access to and support through our employee benefits program.

• Sharing regular updates on government support programs to ensure employees are fully equipped to apply for the financial support they are entitled to.



Employee Support Measures (Government Links) - English

Employee Support Measures (Government Links) - French

Covid FAQ - English

Covid FAQ - French

President’s Update March 6, 2020

Employee & Family Assistance Plan


(This webpage provides a summary of the general guidance and resources available to us.  We will update this webpage as additional information becomes available.)

For Our Clients

It is critical that our clients have confidence in our capability to manage through this rapidly changing crisis. We know that our essential services clients need to trust in our ability to provide safe, uninterrupted food service during this crisis and all of our clients need to know that we will be there when the recovery begins.

• Our Pandemic Response Plan, built to guide us through the SARS crisis, has been updated to reflect the current realities of COVID-19. It provides a clear roadmap for how we respond to the requirements of everyone impacted by this pandemic.
• We have taken a number of steps to ensure Business continuity.
• All of our corporate employees have been equipped to work remotely and we have closed our Corporate Office to ensure our support staff can safely practice physical distancing while continuing to support our employees and our clients.
• We have consolidated our supply chain through a smaller number of key partners to ensure an uninterrupted supply of product and the highest level of safety.
• Contingency plans have been established to make sure we can meet front line staffing needs and at the same time ensure staff feel safe coming to work.
• Communication plans are in place so that employees and clients have the most current information available.
• Our sanitation and hygiene practices across all of our operations have been enhanced to ensure the safety and health of our customers and employees.


Our goal is to ensure that the food and service we provide for every client is aligned with your organizational goals and facility needs.  We will get through this together.


Pandemic Plan - English
Pandemic Plan - French
Covid 19 Client Info - English
Covid 19 Client Info - French


(This webpage provides a summary of the general guidance and resources available to us.  We will update this webpage as additional information becomes available.)