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Covid-19 transformed how we all behave socially, at home and in the workplace. So, we changed how our cafés operate in order to deliver safe, freshly prepared meals and snacks every day. During the pandemic, we continued to operate and provide food services to over 50 hospitals and essential services that adapted quickly to meet enhanced government health & safety requirements.

Our culinary teams have created specific plans in partnership with each client and are now ready to welcome guests back to our cafés. Some key changes you will see in your café include:

  • Temperature Monitoring – for all team members before every shift.
  • Protective Masks – for all team members as recommended by health officials
  • Protective Gloves – mandatory for proper handling of food and beverages
  • Counter Guards and Enclosed Cases – for added protection at the checkout and drive-thru
  • Social Distancing Measures – visibly in place for both team members and guests
  • Tamper Evident Packaging – to ensure you can trust that the meal contents have only been touched by culinary professionals while also providing convenience and quick service
  • Sanitation and Disinfectants – all surfaces and touch points sanitized and disinfected on an enhanced schedule and sanitizers available for you to use, including, but not limited to, pay pads, countertops, seating areas, and other surfaces.
  • Eat Fresh Rewards pre-order App and Pick Up Area – to reduce the number of guests within the café, provide a separate area for order pickup to maintain social distancing and improve service times. All without adding cost to you.
  • Touch-Free payment solutions – to enhance speed of service, convenience and remove an unnecessary touch point.

We have also ensured our employees have the necessary personal protective equipment and had the necessary training to ensure they are working safely both for themselves and for our guests. We continue to reinforce our already rigorous standards and operating procedures for food safety and personal hygiene.

**To receive a copy of our SAFE Re-opening Plan please email your contact information to

As we adapt to safely operate food services during this COVID era, rest assured that Dana’s brand beliefs and behaviours will never waiver. We create delicious, nutritious meals and snacks from scratch using fresh, local ingredients every day. We will continue to blend local sourcing, culinary craftsmanship and inherently healthy menu choices to give guests unique, and SAFE, meal selections to enjoy.