Corporate Dining

Being a Chef-driven organization makes us a food service provider unlike any other. Our long-term partnership approach is highly valued by clients who truly appreciate the quality only fresh, seasonal ingredients can provide. Dana earned the business of many of Canada’s top 100 global leaders by consistently exceeding their food services expectations, and we want to continue proving ourselves – one meal at a time.

University, College & Residential Dining

Dana’s college and university clients value our strong culinary focus, client specific programs, transparency, integrity and our responsive management style. We are not restricted by traditional thinking. We explore new ideas, take calculated risks, and always challenge ourselves.

In a very competitive environment, we have the expertise to help differentiate your reputation for food quality from all other post-secondary institutions. Let our brand belief elevate your food service offering so it reflects the prestige of your school’s reputation

Independent School Dining

We understand that students today are far more connected and informed regarding healthy living than they ever have been before. We have extensive knowledge with sophisticated menu planning to address special diets, food trends, and nutritional requirements – and use technology to empower guests to make informed decisions.

We bring a unique perspective and elevate student dining with the use of fresh, locally-sourced ingredients, and catering services that support fundraising activities, parent events, student celebrations, and grand alumni fundraisers.

Retail Healthcare Food Services

Our sister company, Marek Hospitality, provides retail food service management for healthcare clients who value fresh, local, and healthy on-site culinary fare combined with branded partner concepts

Leisure & Entertainment

From world-class ski hills to modern museums, Dana Hospitality is pleased to delight visitors with food experiences that help create great memories. We highlight local favourites and prepare meals from scratch using fresh, locally sourced ingredients to transform leisure kitchens into culinary destinations.

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