Sustaining Our Futures

Health Focused Menu Engineering and Food Preparation

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our chefs are empowered with the knowledge, tools and culinary freedom to create their own menus each week that are based on:

  • Feedback and requests from guests and the community
  • Ingredients and flavours that are in-season
  • Regional favourites
  • Inspirational ideas for special food themes
  • Culinary and wellness trends that interest their community

To be sustainable and maintain a vibrant food service operation, chefs and managers ensure their guests can find a balanced selection of healthy and indulgent meals, snacks and beverages to meet their broad range of dietary needs.


Our healthier ‘Blended’ techniques combine animal protein with vegetables/plant proteins. For beef burgers, blending reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 29%.

Our menus are designed to support a Plant Forward Flexitarian style eating pattern which is focused on plants being at the centre. We ensure there are plant rich options at every food station. We also include options that are ‘more plant, less animal’, such as blended meatballs to encourage guests to help us deliciously reduce greenhouse gases. This makes it easier for the majority of our guests to follow their own sustainable eating pattern that is right for them.

At Dana, each of our chefs proudly create and deliver SCRATCH, FRESH, LOCAL prepared meals and snacks to sustain and energize their guests every day. Although the menu is different in each café, there are guiding principles that are consistent. We:

  • Respect and control fresh, safe ingredients by using culinary finesse to maximize their quality and nutrient retention, optimize consumption and reduce food waste.
  • Emphasize locally farmed in-season ingredients that are at their peak of freshness.
  • Process fresh whole foods in our kitchens, leading to less additives and preservatives being used.
  • Allow guests the flexibility to choose what goes on their plate, in their salad or on their sandwich to meet a wide variety of dietary needs, allergen restrictions and

Our guests rely on our culinary teams to provide meals and snacks that are both “better for the world and better for me as well” as they set aspirational goals and make purchase decisions based on sustainability.

What’s next? Because we believe in life long learning, we will continue to educate and support regarding a ‘Climatarian’ style eating pattern.  This focuses on food choices that are based on carbon footprint and lower environmental impact. This is a more holistic and flexible approach than just ‘plant based’, which can focus too much on ultra-processed foods. This approach takes into account regenerative farming where soil captures CO2 which supports the ability of soil to sequester carbon and maintain biodiversity.