Sustaining Our Futures


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We commit to treat both our staff and the people in the communities we serve, with respect and concern for their wellbeing. More than ever, we all care about the social aspect of sustainability. We want to know that the people behind the service we receive are treated well.

Our Commitments to our People Include:

  • Equal pay for equal roles in a range of environments that promote meaningful work.
  • Ongoing training for food, health and safety to keep both our staff and guests safe.
  • Daily opportunities such as food tastings and scheduled mealtimes for teams to connect and enjoy food together.
  • Wellness initiatives, resources and health benefits for our teams and their families.

Open communication and a positive work environment to support their mental health.


The food we serve is informed by the community we feed and support. Our need to ‘feed people well’ is at the center of what we do each day and we love seeing our guests enjoy the scratch made foods we prepare for them. In addition to the kitchen crafted meals and snacks we serve each day; we take pride in being a positive community contributor by building relationships and mutually beneficial partnerships.

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