Sampling Savoury Scratch-Made Soups

Did you know that you can try a complimentary soup sample in your café?

If you haven’t already, then we invite you to discover why our culinary teams are so proud of our scratch-made soups.

The soups enjoyed in our cafés are cooked from scratch onsite, in each kitchen every day.  What we do isn’t the traditional industry practice of opening a can and heating it up, not at all.  Our approach empowers Chefs to prepare fresh ingredients for scratch soups.  This may seem like a small thing, but it actually says everything about how our culinary culture puts in the time and effort to provide guests with great tasting soups and entrées in over 160 cafés across Canada.

Why do scratch prepared soups make a difference?

Because your Chef can source seasonally fresh, locally farmed ingredients you benefit from a variety of soups to satisfy everyone, from traditional favourites to Vegetarian and Vegan options.

Go ahead and “salt to taste”.  We lower the sodium in soup offerings in one of two ways.  Wherever space and equipment restrictions allow, our Chefs will prepare stocks (or soup broth) from scratch by roasting beef or chicken bones onsite so they directly control the amount of added salt used for taste, and can avoid adding extra as a preservative since it is being served that same day. Other kitchens have the ability to use low-sodium soup bases for soups and sauces.  In all cases, we allow guests the choice to add more salt as they feel necessary.

Another benefit is allergen awareness.  Since your Chef knows exactly what seasonings and ingredients go in to each soup, they can help answer any questions you may have without having to run to the fridge to look at packaging.

Your culinary team is listening.  Since your Chef creates a custom menu this week, for next week, if you have any feedback or preferences, please speak to your Chef.

So, what is this 2020 challenge?  Sample 20 of our scratch made soups in the first 20 days of the New Year, and tell us what you think in a short survey open until February 1, 2020.  Three lucky entries will be randomly drawn to WIN a free cup of SOUP for a month! (Limit 1/day).

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Don’t forget to try a free sample of the soup today.  A lot of love goes into every bowl.