“I know who you are by the way you act”

Our Futures

Marine Stewardship Council BAP Certified

Our daily behaviours are the best demonstration of our brand commitment and cultural values in action as we collectively ‘do the right things’ for the planet, every day. Our overarching goal is to continue to be more sustainable and reduce our environmental impact by enlisting our partners, our teams and our guests to continuously challenge the “status quo” and strive to do better each year.

We measure using “fewer feet” to procure and deliver food through our cafés. Our combination of local sourcing and the use of less processed food helps to safely remove a number of touch points within the chain as fresh ingredients get from farm to café faster, fresher and safer.

Sustainability is built into our culinary culture, allowing us to create lower impact food service operations for you and the community we both share and serve together. Our management style is thoughtful, holistic and collaborative as we can only make a significant difference by working in partnership with you and your local sustainability team. Our future focused approach is to demonstrate sustainable practises and solutions in the areas we have influence or control. Our sustainability platform is organized into these areas:

  • Care for People and the Local Community
  • Menu Engineering and Food Preparation
  • Sustainable Procurement
  • Waste Reduction and Recovery
  • Efficient Energy Management

Caring for People and the Local Community

In the hospitality industry, success starts with people – those that serve and those that are served. We commit to treat both our staff and the people in the communities we serve, with respect and concern for their wellbeing. More than ever, we all care about the social aspect of sustainability. We want to know the people behind the service we receive and that they are treated well. We make purchase decisions based on what we ‘see’ and ‘hear’.

At Dana Hospitality, we strive to attract and keep our valued and respected workforce as they are key to our success. We are a socially inclusive company that proudly employs over 1600 Canadians. Our commitments to our people include:

  • Equal pay for equal roles in a range of environments that promote meaningful work.
  • Wellness initiatives, resources and health benefits for our teams and their families.
  • Open communication and a positive work environment to support their mental health.
  • Ongoing training for food, health and safety to keep both our staff and guests safe.
  • Daily opportunities such as food tastings and scheduled mealtimes for teams to connect and enjoy food together.